RV Travel in the western United States

Aliner The Original A-Frame

During this Coronavirus pandemic my wife and I decided it was better to RV camp instead of attempting to fly and stay in hotels on city based vacations. We’ve purchased a small RV, an Aliner LXE, to tow behind our Jeep wrangler. So far so good. Two trips down and many more to come.

Aliner LXE

Aliner LXE

We opted in for the added off road package, extra cooling, extra heating and selected the LXE because it also comes with a shower and toilet. Guess we’re not going to suffer the hard ground or midnight trips to the outhouse. First trip was to Fox’s RV park on the Colorado river. Nice place but a bit hot, and also a bit too Trumpish for us. Next trip to Big Bear Lake and the Lighthouse RV park (much better), cooler, greener and nice hikes.

Camp spot at big bear

Camp at Big Bear Lake

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