The Most Epic Road Trip in North America from Outside elessard

Massive in scale and steeped in Indigenous cultures that go back millennia, the far north of British Columbia is unlike anywhere you’ve ever experienced. These vast otherworldly landscapes call to those who seek a deeper connection to nature. From geothermal hot springs and ancient lava beds to one of the largest glaciers in Canada, you could spend a lifetime adventuring in this remote region, known as The Great Wilderness, and there will always be more to see and learn.

Road tripping on Highway 16 in the summertime. (Photo: Destination BC/Stephen Shelesky)

Whether you have a few days or a couple weeks to explore, the Great Northern Circle Route is a great place to start. This 1,981-mile loop connects the Stewart-Cassiar (Hwy. 37), Yellowhead (Hwy. 16), and Alaska (Hwy. 97) highways on a journey packed with natural wonders and community immersion. Connect with the histories and living cultures of more than 50 distinct First Nations who have been caretakers of these spectacular landscapes from the start. Traverse rolling prairies, hike through boreal forests, and witness incredible biodiversity. Starting from Prince George—where direct flights from Vancouver and six other airports in British Columbia and Alberta easily connect travelers to all the grandeur The Great Wilderness has in store—here are just some of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that await you in the far north of British Columbia.

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