Joshua Tree national park

Road trip pandemic style

My wife and I recently completed an epic almost 5 week long road trip in the western US. We originally planned an international trip for the month but.. Covid19 changed those plans. So we booked a road trip instead, originally planning for a week stay in Victoria British Columbia, a week stay in downtown Portland…

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TOP a process monitoring tool for linux

TOP Linux process monitoring

top command displays Linux processes. It provides a dynamic real-time view of a running system i.e. actual process activity. By default, it displays the most CPU-intensive tasks running on the server and updates the list every five seconds. TOP hot keys t Displays summary information off and on m Displays memory information off and on…

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Install powershell on debian 10

very simple installation # Download the Microsoft repository GPG keys wget # Register the Microsoft repository GPG keys sudo dpkg -i packages-microsoft-prod.deb # Update the list of products sudo apt update # Install PowerShell sudo apt install -y powershell # Start PowerShell pwsh Bash to Powershell command reference Bash PowerShell PowerShell Alias Note Cd…

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apt vs apt get

linux (debian) apt vs apt-get

The apt command utility is a successor to the earlier apt-get. The Debian package management infrastructure has been a feature of Debian since early on. At the heart of Debian package management is dpkg [1], a low-level tool used for installing and removing Debian .deb packages. The bigger and more comprehensive Advanced Package Tool (APT) [2] includes dpkg on the…

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