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TL;DR: As of April 22, you can snag a 28% discount on the Mercato open-ear Bluetooth headphones, on sale for $49.95 (reg. $69).

When you think of earphones or headphones, you might think of a traditional style that typically drowns out the world, freeing you of the burden of unwanted noise. But there’s a case to be made for open-ear headphones. They may not exactly replicate the immersive acoustics of a concert hall, but they retain your consciousness of your surroundings, allowing you to hear the tea being spilled by folks in the break room, or traffic and pedestrians on your evening run.

You can try the open-ear experience yourself without breaking the bank with this sale on the Mercato Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones. For a limited time, you can snag a pair for just $49.95 (reg. $69).

These headphones were engineered with active folks in mind. They sit just outside your ears, allowing you to hear your surroundings as you do your laps around the neighborhood, zip through the city on your bike, or during your daily commutes.

But make no mistake; the design shouldn’t compromise your listening experience. You can still listen to your playlists and podcasts loud and clear, with deep bass and dynamic range to boot, thanks to directional audio technology that sends sound waves straight to your inner ears. You don’t have to worry about others snooping on what you’re listening to, either, as it automatically minimizes the sound that the people around you can hear.

The lightweight, ergonomic design promises all-day comfort and stability without the usual discomfort of in-ear headphones. Weighing just 28 grams and featuring IPX5 water-resistance, they are also equipped to handle sweaty workouts and unpredictable weather alike.

These headphones also include dual noise-canceling microphones for clear calls on the move, complemented by a six-hour battery life on a single charge. You can enjoy extended listening and conversation sans interruption.

Never miss a beat or a conversation with the Mercato open-ear Bluetooth headphones. Usually $69, you can cop a pair for only $49.95.

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Mercato Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones
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