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TL;DR: As of April 22, discover your dog’s heritage with a DNA My Dog test kit for only $67.99.

You don’t have to know everything about a dog to shower them with affection and spoil them with treats, but if your furry friend is a mutt and you wish to know them better, perhaps it’s worth picking up a pup-approved DNA test.

A single test could reveal their genetic makeup and which breeds make them up to help you better understand their lineage, as well as their health and behavior. The DNA My Dog Essential Breed ID Test happens to be on sale for a limited time at only $67.99.

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) has 360 dog breeds in its repertoire, while the American Kennel Club (AKC) has 199 on its list. DNA My Dog’s database covers 350 breeds, which just means it can likely recognize whatever your dog is made up of. All it takes is a quick cheek swab.

But your pup’s breed breakdown isn’t the only thing this test yields. It also delivers a comprehensive report of your dog’s health concerns and potential health risks so you can care for them better, as well as personality traits, including their temperament and preferences, so you can bond with them better. And speaking of bonding, the test also doles out tips on how to develop a better bond with your four-legged pal.

With the DNA My Dog Essential Breed ID Test, you don’t have to wait long to get the results. In just two weeks from mailing the sample, you’ll receive a custom report packed with your dog’s heritage and health insights, allowing you to start understanding your fur baby better in no time. You even get a certificate, complete with their name, photo, breed analysis, and more useful insights.

Dive deeper into your dog’s genes with the DNA My Dog Essential Breed ID Test, on sale for only $67.99 (reg. $79).

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