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How do you top a DIY full send? Make it a competition. Each of these races packs two to four distinct adventure sports into a single, grueling push. Some are sprints—think two to three hours of full-on effort. Others require up to 34 hours of unsupported navigation in backcountry terrain. Sound like your cup of tea? Add one of these multisport challenges to your summer bucket list and stay ready for any adventure with the all-new 2024 Toyota Tacoma.


Stubborn Mule Adventure Race (Wisconsin)

Tackle cycling, orienteering, and paddling challenges in one of Wisconsin’s gnarliest adventure races. There are five-hour and 12-hour races available, but the 30-hour challenge is the real prize. You’ll bike ​​65 to 85 miles, hike up to 25 miles, and paddle up to 25 miles in a single push.

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Driftless Flyathon (Iowa)

How do you feel about trail running, fly-fishing, and craft beer? How about all three at the same time? The Driftless Flyathon celebrates the trifecta in a single maxed-out day. You’ll run 4.4 miles, recording your catches at several stops along the way. Then, chug a finish-line beer, participate in a single-fly contest, and try your hand at a pellet-gun beer can shootout.

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Competitors run to their next catch in the Driftless Flyathon in Iowa. (Photo: Driftless Flyathlon)

Island Quest Adventure Race (Washington)

Imagine trying to navigate a rugged chain of islands by foot, kayak, and mountain bike. Now imagine having zero course information until right before the starting bell. That’s the Island Quest Adventure Race. You’ll have 12 hours to orienteer through the Pacific Northwest’s wild coastal islands with only your map, compass, and intuition to guide you. Good luck.

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Tuck Fest (North Carolina)

Located amid wooded trails at Charlotte’s famed Whitewater Center, Tuck Fest offers competitors truly unheard-of variety. Learn to whitewater kayak in the morning, test your climbing stamina in a deep-water soloing competition, then cap it all off with a demanding nighttime 10K trail race.

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XRedRocks (Utah) 

This three-day, unsupported hike-and-fly race shows off central Utah’s most stunning landscapes from a bird’s-eye view. To finish the race, competitors will have to hike, trail run, and paraglide to reach designated checkpoints as quickly as possible.

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Competitors paraglide towards the finish at XRedRocks in Utah. (Photo: Ben Horton) 

SwimRun Cape Cod (Massachusetts)

Think you’re tough? Then you haven’t tried swim-running yet. Cape Cod’s version of the sport features ten miles of trail running and two miles of swimming. But the transitions are the real kicker: the course is split into nine running sprints between seven distinct bodies of water.

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Eastern Mountain Wilderness Challenge (New York)

This 30-hour event challenges competitors to hike and packraft a set course deep in the Adirondacks. The race takes place in October, which means stunning fall color—and just enough chill to keep things interesting.

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Competitors ready their packrafts for the Eastern Mountain Wilderness Challenge in New York. (Photo: Eastern Mountain Wilderness Challenge)

GoPro Mountain Games (Colorado)

Vail’s GoPro Mountain Games represents four days of nonstop adventure. To maximize the fun, target Saturday—one of the fest’s busiest days. Start with a grueling cross-country mountain bike race, race stand-up paddleboards down Gore Creek, then wrap up the afternoon with a 2.1-mile mud run.

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