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Traveling to see Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour in 2024? Luckily, she’s headed to a bunch of badass places that happen to be outdoor-adventure meccas, too. Make the most of your fan-filled trip by adding these must-dos to your itinerary, all synced up with international and domestic dates on The Eras Tour’s 2024 schedule.

My wife and I flew to Chicago last June to see our favorite artist in concert, and had such a good time we almost immediately bought tickets to the next show we could find, which happened to be in Lyon, France, in June. Talking about getting tickets to a Taylor Swift show would take up an entire article on its own—it’s famously difficult and most easily navigated if, like us, you’re a super fan. But, if you are currently holding tickets for a future concert, that’s exciting, since it may be a reason to explore a part of the world you’ve never seen before.

Why Taylor? I was obviously introduced to her music through my wife (and sister-in-law), but it’s hard not to find stuff to like in her catchy, cleverly-written songs about female empowerment. If nothing else, standing in a stadium alongside tens of thousands of young women having the best night of their lives is something that’s hard to walk away from without having a good time.

Eras Tour Paris and Lyon, France

Show Dates: May 9 – 12 (Paris); June 2 and 3 (Lyon)

Flying all the way to Paris just to see Taylor would probably be worth it on its own, but because we’re going there at the nicest time of year, we figure we should make the most of it. So, we’ve booked a few nights at our favorite hotel on Île Saint-Louis, plan to visit my parents at their farm near Limoges, and will then rendezvous with family and friends in Lyon for the concert, plus a few nights of gorging ourselves on that city’s  famous culinary scene. After all that, we’ll be ready for some exercise.

The author’s campsite in Écrins National Park in France. (Photo: Wes Siler)

A few years ago, we took the opportunity on a similar trip to visit France’s Écrin National Park, and spent two days backpacking through its high alpine backcountry. There, we slept under a 500-foot waterfall, watched wild ibex and chamois frolic while golden eagles soared overhead, and were positively swarmed by marmots. The best part? We saw zero other people. Compare the park’s 800,000 annual visitors to the 4 million who visit Yellowstone, and you can see why, with a little hiking, it’s not hard to find yourself a slice of the French Alps you can call your own for a night or two. And we’ll return to the park after June’s concert in order to recreate the experience.

If you want to do the same, the easiest way to make it work is by backpacking, and bringing what you would for any high-elevation summer trip. You’ll need to rent a car (either drive from Paris, or take the train to a nearby city), but as compensation for that additional expense, you’ll get to drive in the Alps, which includes some of the most fun and visually stunning roads in the world. (There will be no need to travel off-road, so a small, sporty car is fine.) Leave your nice clothes in the trunk, out of sight, and make sure you throw your passport and wallet into your pack while you camp—vehicle break-ins are a problem at trailheads in Europe, just like they are in America.

We like to stay another night in Paris before we fly out. Since driving in the city is a nightmare, I return the rental car to the airport on our way back into the city, then take the metro (RER) into town. While planning your route, don’t forget how small Europe is. On that same trip, we popped into Italy for lunch after hiking back to the car, and still made it into Paris in time to shower and head to a fancy dinner.

Here are outdoors tips for every other stop on Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour 2024.

Eras Tour Stockholm, Sweden

Rent kayaks and cruise around the archipelago in Stockholm, Sweden (Photo: Henrik Trygg/Getty)

Show Dates: May 17-19

If you have tickets to see Taylor in Stockholm this May, you’re making me jealous. Late spring in Sweden is gorgeous. Take advantage of the spring weather by getting on the water. Get Out Kayak will rent you boats and other equipment, or take you on a guided tour of some of the 30,000 islands on the archipelago. Day trips start at under $95-a-person. Like other nordic countries, Sweden has a right to roam law that enables you to explore most wild places, so if you have time, rent camping gear from Get Out too, and enjoy a night under the stars on one of those islands.

Eras Tour Lisbon, Portugal

A surfer rides a giant wave near the Fort of Sao Miguel Arcanjo Lighthouse in Nazare, Portugal. Nazare is known for having the biggest waves in the world. (Photo: R.M. Nunes/Getty)

Show Dates: May 24-25

Portugal’s Atlantic coast is famous for its big waves. Even if you don’t surf, head over to watch people ride the famously huge waves in Nazare. More accessible (read: easier) surf can be found in nearby Coxos. Tours, lessons, and gear are available from Lisbon Surf Connection. A day trip to Nazare costs $60-a-person if you just want to watch, while a rental board and wetsuit can be had for about $38.

Eras Tour Madrid, Spain

El Retiro is one of the largest parks in Madrid, with ample trails and places to post up under the shade. (Photo: Jorg Greuel/Getty)

Show Dates: May 29-30

It’s going to start getting hot in Madrid in late May. The 125-acre El Retiro park in the city center is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and includes expansive shaded gardens and a pond you can row boats in.

On the west side of the Manzanares river, you’ll find the even larger, 3,800-acre Casa de Campo. Use the city’s bike share service, Bicimad, and pedal under the pine trees. Rates run just 50 cents per half-hour.

Eras Tour Edinburgh, Scotland

Stunning views hiking around the Knoydart Peninsula in the Scottish Highlands (Photo: Iain MacLean/Getty)

Show Dates: June 7-9

June in the Scottish Highlands may be marked by as much as one or two hours of clear skies. Pack rain gear and hike to the most remote pub in the country, which is 18 miles one way. Food at The Old Forge, in the Knoydart Peninsula, is said to be better than is typical in the country, but there’s no accommodations to spend the night. Rather than carry heavy camping gear, we’d rent a room or house in the nearby village. You’ll appreciate having a roof over your head and a place to dry out your socks. Just make sure you book ahead of time.

Eras Tour Liverpool, England

Crash for a night on the houseboats that line Liverpool’s canals and waterways, a cool way to mix up the usual tent or hotel accommodations. (Photo: kelvinjay/Getty)

Show Dates: June 13-15

The neatest thing about northwest England is the canals. Built before the advent of rail to connect British industry with ports sailing to America and elsewhere, the canals are now almost-forgotten byways that wind their way through the pastoral English countryside. You can stay on a canal boat in downtown Liverpool (or plenty of places elsewhere), hike or bike paths that run along them, or rent canoes or kayaks to paddle them starting at under $40-a-day.

Eras Tour Cardiff, Wales

An aerial view of the summit of Pen y Fan, in Wales. Though it’s considered the crown jewel of the Welsh mountains, good weather like this comes few and far between. (: Wirestock/Getty)

Show Date: June 18

Once there, skip town and make the drive to the Cwm Gwdi trailhead for Pen y Fan, which at 2,910 feet is the tallest peak in the Brecon Beacons. Don’t worry, all road signs are in English, too. The United Kingdom’s Special Air Service famously conducts its selection trials on the mountain, but the 7.5-mile hike to the summit from Cwm Gwdi is much easier than their 22-mile trek. Don’t be fooled by the sub-3,000 foot elevation, terrain on Pen y Fan can be treacherous and Wales isn’t famous for its sunshine.

Eras Tour London, England

In Richmond Park, red deer look more like mythical stags, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see one as you trail run or hike the many paths through the open space. (Photo: Ray Wise/Getty)

Show Dates: June 21-24; August 15-20

Take the tube out to Richmond and walk up the hill to Richmond Park, making sure you walk up the terrace for the views over the Thames. You can hike the park’s 7-mile trail that follows the perimeter while watching the 600 plus head of red and fallow deer that, unlike wildlife in the U.S., belong solely to the King. Head back down to town for a pint at The Prince’s Head, and make sure you entertain the locals with your best Ted Lasso impression.

Eras Tour Dublin, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher are located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region in County Clare, Ireland, and well worth a stop—rain or shine. (Photo: David Soanes Photography/Getty)

Show Dates: June 28-30

Get away from the hokey tourist attractions (think: the Blarney Stone) and drive the two hours over to Galway on the west coast to hike the Cliffs of Moher. The most popular route runs 12 miles between the scenic villages of Liscannor and Doolin. You know what I’m about to say: pack rain gear and waterproof boots.

Eras Tour Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Cruising around Amsterdam by standup paddleboard is perhaps the coolest way to check out the city. (Photo: Courtesy of Canal SUP)

Show Dates: July 4-6

Rent a stand up paddle board from Canal SUP (from $16-a-day) and see the city from its most famous attraction. Amsterdam is also famous for its cycling. There’s plenty of places to rent one, or you can take advantage of the city’s bike share program for about $5-a-day.

Eras Tour Zürich, Switzerland

Paragliding over the Swiss Alps at Männlichen in Wengen. (Photo: Sasipa Muennuch/Getty)

Show Dates: July 9-10

You’ll be 30 miles from the Swiss Alps, some of the most beautiful mountains on earth. Rent a car and drive into them, where virtually any activity is possible. From mountain biking to via ferrata to paragliding, you won’t go wrong. Heck, just driving around is about as good as it gets, too. For a basecamp check out Camping Arolla, the highest campground in the country. There, you can rent accommodation (glamping tents start at $118-a-night) or bring your own tent or camper. Parking spots start under $10-a-night). 

Eras Tour Milan, Italy

By boat, Lake Como’s vistas at sunset are simply unbeatable. (Photo: Kirk Fisher/Getty)

Show Dates: July 13-14

Rent a car (or preferably a motorcycle) and drive up to Lake Como. There, take one of the car ferry routes across the lake at sundown. For just a few bucks, you’ll get views Lake Como regular George Clooney might be jealous of. My favorite town on the lake is Mandello del Lario. Home to the world’s oldest motorcycle factory, you can tour Moto Guzzi headquarters, or simply enjoy the town’s working class heritage to enjoy an honest, affordable meal. Bring your hiking shoes and take the 5.6 mile loop up to Alp d’Era for stunning mountain views.

Eras Tour Hamburg, Germany

Binnenalster or Inner Alster Lake is one of two artificial lakes within the city limits of Hamburg, Germany. (Photo: Ventura Carmona/Getty)

Show Dates: July 23-24

Taking a rowboat (from $16-an-hour) across the Alster Lakes is the definitive experience here, but Hamburg is also a great place to cycle. The city’s StadtRAD bike share program is everywhere and costs only 12 Euros per day.

Eras Tour Munich, Germany

Zugspitze is the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains, and tallest apex in Germany. (Photo: Westend 61/Getty)

Show Dates: July 27-28

Most people visit Munich to drink beer, but you can also do that after hiking. Germany’s highest peak, Zugspitze, stands 9,718 feet tall, and takes most of the day just to climb the 14 miles, let alone descend. A faster option is the cable car (tickets are about $67 per-person), and you can also take a classic cog-wheel train for the same price to the plateau, about halfway up, where many shorter hikes are available.

Eras Tour Warsaw, Poland

The Vistula River weaves its way around Warsaw’s old town. (Photo: pawel.gaul/Getty)

Show Dates: August 1-3

Did you know that Warsaw is home to stunning river beaches? Located on the Vistula river, you can sunbathe, swim, or even enjoy a campfire. And visiting one won’t take you too far from the city’s stunning architecture and many historic castles.

Eras Tour Vienna, Austria

The trees lining trails and paths in Vienna’s Park of Schonbrunn (Schönbrunner Schlosspark) are gorgeous when they leaf out in spring, or turn in fall. (Photo: Alexander Spatari/Getty)

Show Dates: August 9-10

Vienna maintains 14 excellent hiking trails right inside the city. The free Vienna Hiking Passport contains all the maps and information you’ll need, and you can fill it with stamps collected from each route. Earn all 14, and the city will reward you with a commemorative pin.

Vienna is better known for its many spas. So you can unwind after all those hikes in a thermal pool or with a good massage. Therme Wien is the largest thermal pool in the city, day passes start at $22.

Eras Tour Miami, Florida

Canoeing in Everglades National Park (Photo: Douglas Rissing/Getty)

Show Dates: October 18-19

October is hurricane season in Florida, so I’d travel armed with backup plans. I’d also take the opportunity to go see the Everglades before they’re destroyed by climate change. There’s all sorts of ways you can do that, from self guided tours of the national park, to guided boat experiences. But if it was me, I’d help out with local conservation efforts by booking a guided python hunt. The species is invasive, and kills just about every native species of wildlife there is, and the hunting season is open year-round. You don’t even need to know how to shoot or hold a hunting license if all you want to do is tag along as locals catch their own. A night with the Python Huntress goes for $1,800 for a group of three. Plus, you’ll get to experience Florida culture at its finest.

Eras Tour New Orleans, Louisiana

Paddling the lush green bayou (a mix of river, swamp, and wetlands) in Louisiana near New Orleans (Photo: Sam Spicer/Getty)

Show Dates: October 25-27

Sure, y0u can visit to eat and drink like everyone else does, but New Orleans is another swamp town, and the best way to spend time in that unique environment in a or kayak. A three-hour kayak tour of the bayou can be had for as little as $65 per-person. You can also fish for speckled trout in Lake Ponchartrain on your own; the cooler weather in October starts getting them active. Or, head to the marsh to catch redfish on a fly with a guide for $805-a-day, per-boat.

Eras Tour Indianapolis, Indiana

Just 20 minutes away from downtown in northwest Indianapolis, Fort Harrison State Park is a nature escape from the concrete jungle during every season. (Photo: Derek Dailey/Getty)

Show Dates: November 1-3

Indianapolis isn’t exactly a mountain town. So if you want to have an adventure, you’ll need to get creative. Indy Acres offers four different outdoor paintball fields, with both public events and private rentals available. Games are run seven days a week, and start at just $28 per-person, including equipment rental.  Nearby Parke County is also famous for its covered bridges, boasting 31 total. Those would make a great day-long driving tour. Hiking trails are available in Fort Harrison State Park. I’d take the 4-mile Lawrence Creek Trail, which will offer the best odds for solitude. There should be plenty of fall colors left in early November.

Eras Tour Toronto, Canada

Algonquin Park in Ontario is only a few hours north of Toronto and boasts spectacular hikes for fall foliage hunters. (Photo: LeoPatrizi/Getty)

Show Dates: November 14-23

Add a few nights to your trip before or after the concert, and head to a cottage on one of the 250,000 lakes north of the city. It’s the definitive Ontario activity. Fall on the lakes is particularly beautiful, and you’ll be getting dustings of snow by November. Make sure you rent a winterized cabin and pack warm clothes. Look for cabins in Muskoka or Georgian Bay if it’s your first time, those areas enjoy more facilities and services than more rural climes.

Eras Tour Vancouver, Canada

Keep your eyes peeled for Orca crossings as you ferry over to Vancouver Island. (Photo: LaTashia Berlin/Getty)

Show Dates: December 6-8

December is stormy in Vancouver. Sure, you could chase some early season snow in the nearby mountains, but I’d head for nearby Vancouver Island, and the many hotels and cabins located on its pacific coast. There, you can take in full might of the ocean, while staying safe inside facilities that run from basic to ultra luxury. The most famous hotel on the island is Wickaninnish Inn, where rooms during storm season start at $400-a-night. I’ve never not seen orcas on the ferry ride over.

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