See the world for less with $50 off your $100+ roundtrip airfare at JetBlue from Mashable

SAVE $50 ON $100+: As of March 5, you can save $50 on $100+ roundtrip airfare at JetBlue using promo code SPRINGTRAVEL.

Credit: JetBlue

JetBlue’s The Big Spring Sale
Save $50 off on your $100+ roundtrip airfare with promo code SPRINGTRAVEL

Planning on getting some travel in now that the weather is heating up? You can save a bit of cash if you book soon, thanks to JetBlue’s Big Spring Sale, which can net you some money back in your pocket if you’re looking to make travel plans that include roundtrip flights.

As of March 5, JetBlue is offering $50 off your $100+ roundtrip airfare per person when you use promo code SPRINGTRAVEL. You need to book by March 6 by 11:59PM ET, and travel between March 19 and June 12, excluding Fridays and Sundays. You’ll get $25 off each one-way segment of your trip when you spend a minimum of $50 per segment, or $50 off your roundtrip when you spend a minimum of $100 per trip.

There are a few things to keep in mind, though. This discount will only apply to your base fare, and taxes and fees aren’t included in your spend totals. It’s only valid on nonstop flights and it isn’t retroactive for bookings you’ve already placed. But if you’ve still got a destination in mind that you can lock in under 24 hours, it’s a good idea to go ahead and nab it. Any little extra you can save on airfare can help, especially in this economy.

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