Stop by Warby Parker stores between April 1 and 8 to score free solar eclipse glasses from Mashable

FREE ECLIPSE GLASSES: Stop by any Warby Parker storefront between April 1 and April 8 to score free eclipse glasses, while supplies last.

Credit: Warby Parker

Free solar eclipse glasses at all U.S. locations
beginning on April 1 (while supplies last)

April 8 is a special day in the U.S. for both astronomy fans and anyone who delights in seeing a rare sight courtesy of Mother Nature. Starting in Texas, a total solar eclipse will move northeast over the continental U.S., giving locations across the country one of the greatest sights of the year. If you plan on traveling to the see the eclipse or are lucky enough to live in its path, you’ll need to wear protective glasses to enjoy the sight while keeping your eyes safe. Thanks to Warby Parker, your pair of eclipse glasses could be free.

Stop by any Warby Parker store across the country, starting on April 1, to score free solar eclipse glasses, while supplies last. Check the eyeglass retailer’s location map to find the store closest to you. Warby Parker says the offer extends to up to two pairs per family.

Since viewing the solar eclipse involves looking at the sun, you’ll need to wear protective glasses. Solar eclipse glasses are designed to keep your eyes safe while watching this truly epic event. Even if you won’t be along the path of totality (the route where the sun will be entirely blocked by the moon), many states will experience a partial eclipse.

If you plan to watch either in the path of totality or the partial eclipse as it happens, you’ll want to be wearing ISO-certified eclipse glasses, which indicates they pass international safety standards. Warby Parker’s free glasses carry the ISO-certification and are manufactured by American Paper Optics.

Warby Parker has become one of the most popular eyeglass retailers, offering both in-store and online options that start at $95, including prescription lenses. The brand’s unique home try-on option makes buying eyeglasses or sunglasses a legitimate option.

If your plans on April 8 involve watching any part of the solar eclipse, stop by a Warby Parker store to score free eclipse glasses. Your eyesight will thank you immensely.

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