More magic and heartbreak: AMC is launching 3 new Nicole Kidman ads from Mashable

Nicole Kidman is back to deliver more movie magic and heartbreak at the theaters.

No, the world-famous actress wasn’t announced as the star of a big film. Rather, she’ll appear in three new ads for AMC, the movie theater chain.

If you’re not a regular moviegoer, then you might not know how big of a deal this is to some folks. Kidman currently appears in an ad that runs before every film screening at AMC theaters, and it has since gone very viral. (Saturday Night Live has even spoofed it.) In the ad, Kidman delivers a monologue about the magic of movies, earnestly rattling off lines like, “We come to this place for magic” and “Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this.”

The ad quickly became a meme, with people both loving and lightly mocking the campy sincerity of Kidman’s monologue. Her sparkly pinstripe suit was even a popular Halloween costume.

Now, AMC is coming back with three new Kidman ads, Variety reported. One ad is timed to drop on March 1, alongside the highly anticipated Dune: Part Two . The other two ads will debut soon after, meaning moviegoers will get a surprise Kidman ad at each film for a little variation. But the new ads are expected to be similar to the first spot, so don’t expect something radically different.

“The main theme of the campaign remains the same: With state-of-the-art technology, luxurious amenities, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, AMC Theatres is the ultimate destination for moviegoers seeking unparalleled cinematic experiences. Quite simply, We Make Movies Better,” the company said in a statement, via Variety.

Here’s hoping the new Kidman ads catch on like the first… Because we need that, all of us.

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