Save $15 when you spend $100 on a Lyft gift card at Amazon from Mashable

Save $15: As of May 6, you can save $15 (15%) when you spend $100 on a virtual Lyft gift card at Amazon.

With your singular chance at a first ride promo being but a distant memory, the elusive treat that is a ride share promo is one that we’ve learned to treasure. As of May 6, Lyft users have a chance to save $15 when they buy a $100 Lyft gift card at Amazon.

$15 off of $100 is technically only 15% off, but we all know that $15 is major when you’re debating $40 one way. A 15% discount trumps the typical 10% off Lyft randomly hands out to current users, anyway, as well as the $10 off $100 discount currently being offered on Uber gift cards at Amazon.

Be sure to click “Apply promotion” before choosing a gift card design and adding it to your cart. The offer should automatically apply at checkout, bringing your total to as low as $85 — or more, if you decide to bump the denomination to more than $100. The gift card will be sent to the email address of your choice for the recipient to add to their Lyft app.

A Lyft gift card would make a great graduation gift or birthday gift that anyone will use, though we’d also back just sending it to yourself.