Watch Ryan Gosling do carpool karaoke — with a stuntman twist from Mashable

Ryan Gosling sang in Barbie. He sang at the Oscars. He even sang about Barbie on Saturday Night Live. Now, the Academy Award nominee continues his singing streak with a promotional video for The Fall Guy, a film in which he plays a stuntman.

In the clip, The Fall Guy director David Leitch tasks Ryan Gosling with driving around and picking up his stuntmen. “It’s like Carpool Karaoke… without the music,” Leitch tells Gosling.

But not even that will stop Gosling from singing along to Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” with his stunt team. First, he picks up Logan Holladay, who roars onscreen on a motorcycle and proceeds to take over driving duty. Then, the two (literally) run into Ben Jenkin. He takes the hit like a champ and joins the fun with some enthusiastic vocals. Rounding out the crew is Troy Brown, who straight-up jumps off a building to get down to Gosling. Why not just use an elevator? “I’m claustrophobic,” Brown explains.

With its celebration of stunts and Gosling in full Gleek mode, the clip is a fun preview for what to expect from The Fall Guy, which Mashable Entertainment Editor Kristy Puchko called a “gonzo gift to cinema.”

The Fall Guy hits theaters May 3.