Gemini, ChatGPT’s AI rival, tipped to get ‘real-time responses.’ from Mashable

Google’s Gemini app for Android might soon show AI-generated responses in real-time.

The feature, spotted by Android expert AssembleDebug via PiunikaWeb, shows the ability to turn on “Real-time responses” in AI assistant’s settings. So instead of waiting for a full response, Gemini will show its response as its processing.

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This is how Gemini works on desktop. When you ask the chatbot a question, Gemini answers as it’s “typing” out the question. But currently, Android users have to wait for the fully processed response to publish. The response only takes a few seconds, but a faster perceived experience on mobile can be achieved by showing the response progressively, particularly for lengthy text.

Google announced Gemini for mobile in February as a standalone app for Android users. There isn’t yet an iOS app, but iPhone users can still use Gemini through the Google app. With text and image generation, and integration with Google Assistant, Gemini is touted as an AI assistant on-the-go. Gemini had a rocky launch, which included inaccurately depicting Nazis as people of color. But the company is powering ahead with model improvements and new features.

This year has been all about on-device AI. Samsung has packed its smartphones with Galaxy AI, a collection of AI features like drafting messages, editing photos, and translation. Rumors are also swirling about Apple announcing generative AI features at this year’s WWDC — and it might even be powered by Google Gemini according to reported discussions between the two tech giants.

Suffice to say, we can expect a lot more mobile generative AI features like real-time responses rolling out soon.

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