Tinder’s new feature lets you ‘Share My Date’ with friends and family from Mashable

Tinder users have a new safety feature at their fingertips: “Share My Date” will let people share date plans directly with friends and family via a single link.

The dating app shared the news on Monday, announcing that anyone on Tinder can now create a shareable link that will summarize details about an upcoming date — date, time, location — along with a photo and link to the profile of the Tinder match. Tinder users who receive the link can view the match’s full profile, but non-users will have a limited view. According to TechCrunch, the links will expire after a couple of months.

The shared page can also include edited notes, so up-to-date information is provided.

Share My Date is the result of data garnered by Tinder: over 50 percent of users under 30 say they let their friends know the details of their dates before they take place. Meanwhile, 19 percent said they tell their moms.

The feature seems pretty extensive, a build-on to the app’s Matchmaker feature — where friends can recommend matches — and its evolving set of safety tools.

Tinder is rolling out the feature in the next few months across the world, including the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, India, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Brazil, Singapore, Switzerland, Mexico, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand.

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