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TL;DR: Through April 21, you can get this 12-course guitar lessons training bundle on sale for $15.97 — that’s just $1.33 per course.

There are two things beginner guitarists don’t want to hear: One, an off-tune string, and, two, ‘Hey, can we hear a song?’. It’s intimidating to play in front of people, especially when you’re just learning, and we think you should honor that feeling when it comes to guitar lessons as well.

Instead of going to uncomfortable, and expensive, in-person lessons, why not try this online training bundle? It comes with 12 courses covering guitar technique, jamming, and even specific music genres, and it’s on sale for $15.97 (reg. $480) through April 21.

Strum-thing wonderful awaits your musical journey

It doesn’t matter if you’re a year into your learning journey or you don’t even own a guitar yet — this online learning bundle has courses for just about every skill level. Let’s unpack what’s inside: 

Beginner Guitar Lessons Crash Course: Study notes, memorize chords, and play along to backing tracks.

Guitar Technique: Practice picking, sliding, bending, and fret-tapping.

Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist: Learn scales, understand music theory, practice soloing, and read tablature

Fingerstyle for the Curious Guitarist: Learn open-handed strumming, improvise and be creative with fingerpicking, and do scale runs.

Songwriting for the Curious Guitarist: Write and arrange your own songs.

Ear Training for the Curious Guitarist: Identify and process songs, then be able to play them back on your instrument.

Find your rhythm with self-paced learning

Meet the expert instructor of these courses, Dan Dresnok, with more than 30 years of guitar teaching experience. He’s worked as a performer and recording guitarist and he has experience in jazz, blues, and rock, which is why you’ll find specialized courses in those genres.

Fret not, learn guitar at your own pace with this 12-course online training bundle. Hurry, it’s on sale for $15.97 (reg. $480) until April 21 at 11:59 p.m. PT — no coupon needed.

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Credit: Dan Dresnok

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