Save almost $40 on this color-matching tool from Mashable

TL;DR: Through April 21, pay only $59.97 (reg. $99) for the Nix Mini 2 color-matching sensor.

Ever experienced putting together an outfit in your head, only to realize that it actually looks horrible once you take the pieces out of your closet and try it on? The same thing happens when you’re doing a DIY home project like painting your walls. Just because it looks good on Pinterest or some magazine doesn’t mean it would work IRL.

If you want precision for your projects, a tool like the Nix Mini 2 can come in handy. It’s essentially a sensor that can scan virtually any surface and identify its brand-name paint and sRGB HEX, CMYK, and LAB color code equivalents with impressive accuracy. Through April 21, you can score one on sale for only $59.97, just in time for your spring projects.

The Nix Mini 2 comes equipped with a high-resolution color sensor for precise processing and automatic error detection. This just means that when you use it to scan a surface, it’s designed to yield accurate results 99% of the time, ensuring that what you see is what you get. It’s equipped with highly calibrated LED and its own light source for consistent, precise scans, and it can even block out ambient light, allowing for perfect measurements under any light condition. It works with just about anything, too, including painted walls, vinyl, leather, plastic, and more.

Since Nix Mini 2 boasts a compact design, you can slip it into your purse, and whip it out whenever you need to scan a color, or just when inspiration strikes. You can also take advantage of the accompanying app to integrate it with software like Photoshop. With the app, you can organize your scans, create collections, and share them with friends and colleagues.

Never guess (or second guess) a color again. Through April 21, you can score the Nix Mini 2 color-matching sensor on sale for only $59.97, no coupon needed.

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Nix Mini 2 Color-Matching Sensor
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