‘What You Wish For’ trailer has Nick Stahl literally cook for his life in culinary thriller from Mashable

The trailer for culinary thriller What You Wish For doesn’t explicitly show Nick Stahl chopping up and cooking people, and indeed he might not be. It doesn’t appear entirely off the table, though.

What You Wish For follows Ryan (Stahl), a chef who flees to Latin America after being buried in gambling debts. Fortunately, friend and fellow chef Jack (Brian Groh) generously welcomes Ryan into his luxurious home, giving him a peek at an extravagant lifestyle maintained by cooking for elite clients.

Ryan quickly grows envious of his host’s good fortune. So when the unexpected opportunity to adopt Jack’s identity arises, Ryan seizes the chance to take his friend’s seemingly easy life for himself. However, he soon finds out that this comfortable lifestyle comes at a grim price.

Exactly what that price is isn’t made entirely clear by What You Wish For‘s trailer. But judging from the vague threats and blood splatter, Ryan’s culinary skills are definitely a matter of life or death.

What You Wish For will be released in theatres and digitally on May 31.

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