Stephen Colbert defends Jimmy Kimmel after Trump’s rambling Truth Social tirade from Mashable

Jimmy Kimmel may be under fire from Donald Trump, but he has an ally in fellow late night host Stephen Colbert.

On Wednesday, Colbert drew attention to Trump’s angry Truth Social post about the joke Kimmel made about the former president at the Oscars.

“That’s right, in the middle of a presidential campaign and countless federal indictments, he’s obsessed with the Academy Awards from five weeks ago,” says Colbert in the clip above. “I look forward to his new campaign slogan: “TRUMP 2024: THEY GAVE IT TO GREEN BOOK??”

Next, Colbert points into the camera and takes a more direct approach. “You keep my friend Jimmy Kimmel’s name out of your weird little wet mouth, okay?” he says. “Jimmy Kimmel is my podcast brother from Strike Force Five, and I have vowed to defend him until my death! Or at least until the next ad from Mint Mobile.”

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