Grab a 32-inch HD Amazon Fire TV for under $120 from Mashable

SAVE $80: As of April 17, get the 32-inch 2-Series HD Amazon Fire TV for just $119.99. That’s a discount of 40%.

32-inch 2-Series HD Amazon Fire TV
at Amazon

Save $80.00

If you’re in the market for a new TV, there are tons of great options available — but some of the best smart TVs you’ll find are part of Amazon’s Fire TV series. These affordable displays offer big functionality at low prices, especially if you’re looking to add a screen to your home setup or a starter TV that you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on. Now’s a great time to lock in a purchase as you can get one of the lineup’s budget models for even cheaper than usual.

As of April 17, the Amazon 32-inch 2-Series Fire TV is just $119.99 at Amazon. That’s $80 off its normal price of $199.99, and a discount of 40%.

This is a basic smart TV that doesn’t offer many of its higher-priced siblings’ features, but it’s still a great screen if you want smart capabilities. It uses the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote for hands-free control with Alexa Voice Search, which means never typing in long show names at a snail’s pace again. On top of that, it supports all the normal Alexa apps you’d be able to use within the Fire ecosystem.

This TV doesn’t support 4K, as it only goes up to HD 720p resolution, so keep that in mind when purchasing. But at this price, you get a streaming-capable TV with voice control support, live TV streaming, and a connection to Fire TV’s live TV options, plus gaming and music. It’s a great buy for just over $100.

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