iPhone SE 4 case leak hints at major redesign — and it looks like the iPhone 14 from Mashable

For years, the iPhone SE has been a safe haven for Apple fans who prefer a real home button. That, however, seems to be changing.

Leaker @MajinBuOfficial (rest in peace Akira Toriyama) posted images that allegedly reveal the case of the next-generation iPhone SE. These images, if legit, reveal that Apple will drop home button and add a notch. If the older iPhone SE had the body of an iPhone 8, this newer one resembles the iPhone 14.

Tweet may have been deleted

It still seems to only have room for one camera lens on the back, though, similar to previous iPhone SE models. At this point, it’s unclear whether it would still rely on Touch ID like the old SE models or would finally adopt Face ID. According to TechRadar, the next iPhone SE could make a switch to an OLED display and drop Lightning for USB-C, both of which would be major additions.

As a current iPhone SE owner, I’ll miss the home button. But that other stuff does sound mighty nice to have.

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