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TL;DR: Through April 2, you can score a lifetime subscription to iScanner for only $31.99 with coupon code GET20.

The list of what your smartphone cannot do seems to be getting shorter by the day. It can take photos and videos, tell you how to get somewhere, measure stuff, monitor your heart rate, help you talk to a foreigner, notify you if you need to bring your umbrella to work the next day, and plenty more. Depending on what type of vehicle and phone you have, it can even start your car. And if you’re all about embracing modernity, you can use your smartphone to digitize your entire life. Well, almost.

If you want to make paper a thing of the past, digitize documents, receipts, photos, and more, with iScanner. Your phone may already have a default scanning tool, but iScanner takes it up a notch by helping you organize every scan and even do some light editing on them. Through April 2, you can grab a lifetime subscription to the app for only $31.99 with code GET20.

This iOS app can help you digitize virtually anything. It scans everything from contracts and tax forms to tickets and receipts to the handwritten love letter from your childhood sweetheart you managed to excavate from the depths of your old closet. All scanned documents are exportable in various formats, too, including PDF, JPG, DOC, XLS, PPT, or TXT.

If a certain document looks a little worse for wear, iScanner’s AI-powered editing tools can come to the rescue. You can correct the color, remove noise, adjust borders, straighten pages, and more. You can also mark up documents and conceal parts that need hiding, add text and watermark, insert signatures, and autofill them using custom templates.

Organization-wise, iScanner has a built-in file manager complete with folders for easy document management, and you can sort your stuff accordingly with the drag-and-drop tool. And for top secret files, you can lock them with a custom PIN.

On top of scanning, the app can also assist you with complex math problems. Plus, with its advanced scanning capabilities, you can use it to measure object length and calculate its area, as well as count similar objects.

Ready to go fully digital? Formerly $199, grab a lifetime subscription to iScanner for only $31.99 with the coupon code GET20 until April 2, 11:59 p.m. PT.

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