Eufy is running the robot vacuum show at Amazon’s Big Spring Sale from Mashable

A look at the best Eufy deals at Amazon’s Big Spring Sale:
Best budget deal

Eufy L60
$199.99 at Amazon
(save $200)
Best self-emptying deal

Eufy X9 Pro
$599.99 at Amazon
(save $300)

When you think of robot vacuum deals at an Amazon sale event, Roombas probably come to mind first. But when it comes to Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, eufy robot vacuums are the ones showing out.

Let’s put some respect on the eufy name. This brand has been quietly bringing advanced robot vacuum features at way more accessible price points than the competition. While iRobot, Narwal, and Roborock haven’t shied away from a $1,000+ price tag on their flagship robot vacuums that, say, avoid small obstacles and wash their own mopping pads, Eufy has a few options that offer both for less. And one of them is on sale for $599.99 during Amazon’s sale.

This isn’t to say that Roombas won’t make a more noteworthy appearance in the sale section during the Big Spring Sale between March 20 and March 25. We’ll be updating eufy deals below, but be sure to follow along as we keep tabs on all of the best robot vacuum deals at Amazon from iRobot, Shark, Roborock, and more.

Eufy X90 Pro
at Amazon

Save $300.00

Why we like it

Eufy’s X9 Pro debuted in fall 2023 and sits right in the sweet spot between the X8 Pro (on sale for $399.99) and the X10 Pro Omni (a CES 2024 debut that is still at its full price of $799.99). The X9 Pro is more reminiscent of its pricier successor than it is of its more basic younger sibling. It has a flat edge to get into corners, it mops, washes, and dries its own mopping pads, and uses AI to detect and avoid small obstacles like phone cables.

As a mopper, the X9 Pro provides more elbow grease than many competitors thanks to double-pressurized, rotating mopping heads. These automatically lift above the ground if carpet is detected.

More eufy robot vacuums on sale at the Amazon Big Spring Sale

Eufy 25C (refurbished)79.99 $99.99 (save $20)

Eufy L60$199.99 $279.99 (save $80)

Eufy G30 Hybrid with self-empty station$269.99 $429.99 (save $160 with Prime)

Eufy X8 Pro with self-empty station$399.99 $649.99 (save $200)

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