Amazon’s Big Spring Sale brings iPads down to their lowest prices ever from Mashable

You won’t want to miss the iPad deals during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale. Here’s a couple of our top picks as of March 20:

Top iPad deals during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale
Best iPad deal

Apple iPad Air (WiFi, 64GB)
$449 at Amazon and Walmart
(Save $150)
Best iPad accessory deal

Apple Pencil 2
$79 at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy
(Save $50)

Amazon’s first official Big Spring Sale is live — and bringing with it plenty of iPad deals.

We’re only on day one of the sale, which runs from March 20 to 25, but we haven’t been too impressed with the Apple deals. With that said, we are seeing a good range of iPad deals (even though most of them were live before the sale officially started).

Not one to miss out on the fun, Walmart coincidentally kicked off a spring sale this week too, and already we’re seeing price matching. Though Walmart often has lower iPad prices (like with the iPad Air), so far the retailers have the same deals. We haven’t seen any brand new record low prices on any iPads either, but we have seen several returns to record low prices.

In any case, wherever or whenever iPad prices drop, we’ll be sure to make note of it — so you’ll want to check back often if you’re in the market for a new Apple tablet. Below, we’ve gathered our favorite deals for you:

Best iPad deals

iPad Air (WiFi, 64GB)
at Amazon

Save $150.00

Why we like it

Check out our full review of the Apple iPad Air (2022).

Apple is reportedly set to release new iPad Airs very soon, but if you don’t care too much about the latest specs, getting the 2022 Air on sale isn’t a bad move. It’s not as if you’re settling for something all that dated — this iPad still runs an M1 chip and is compatible with the Apple Pencil 2. Mashable Senior Editor Stan Schroeder called it the “sweet spot of Apple’s tablets” for capturing higher-ended features of the Pro while retaining more of the price approachability of the standard iPad. At $449, Walmart and Amazon have brought this iPad back down to its lowest price ever.

More iPad deals

iPad (10th gen)

2022 iPad (WiFi, 64GB)$349 $449 at Amazon (save $100)

2022 iPad (WiFi, 256GB)$499 $599 at Amazon (save $100)

2022 iPad (WiFi + cellular, 64GB)$499 $599 at Amazon (save $100)

2022 iPad (WiFi + cellular, 256GB)$649 $749 at Amazon (save $100)

iPad (9th gen)

2021 iPad (WiFi, 64GB)$249 $329 at Amazon (save $80)

2021 iPad (WiFi, 64GB)$249 $329 at Walmart (save $80)

2021 iPad (WiFi, 256GB)$379 $479 at Amazon (save $100)

2021 iPad (WiFi, 256GB)$379 $479 at Walmart (save $100)

iPad Air

iPad Air (WiFi, 64GB)$449 $599 at Amazon (save $150)

iPad Air (WiFi, 64GB)$449 $599 at Walmart (save $150)

iPad Air (WiFi, 256GB)$599.99 $749 at Amazon (save $149.01)

iPad Air (WiFi + cellular, 64GB)$599.99 $749 at Amazon (save $149.01)

iPad Air (WiFi + cellular, 256GB)$749.99 $899 at Amazon (save $149.01)

iPad mini

iPad mini (WiFi, 64GB)$399.99 $499 at Amazon (save $99.01)

iPad mini (WiFi + cellular, 256GB)$629 $799 at Amazon (save $170)

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil 2$79 $129 at Amazon (save $50)

Apple Pencil 2$79 $129 at Walmart (save $50)

Apple Pencil 2$79 $129 at Best Buy (save $50)

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