‘The Greatest Hits’ trailer sees Lucy Boynton using songs to time travel from Mashable

Hitting play on a song that meant a lot to you can make you want to time travel but imagine if you could actually do it? In director Ned Benson’s The Greatest Hits, the protagonist can.

The Hulu film, which just premiered at SXSW, sees Lucy Boynton as Harriet, who discovers she can indeed head back in time when she listens to certain songs. Where does she go? Straight to memories of her ex Max (David Corenswet), tragically killed in an accident. But while she’s time-travelling and coming to understand the impact of changing events, she meets David (Justin H. Min), and they share a bond that has her torn between the past and the present.

Check out Mashable Film Editor Kristy Pucko’s review out of SXSW and watch the trailer above.

The Greatest Hits opens in cinemas for limited release April 5, then debut on Hulu April 12

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