Spotify to EU: Hey, Apple is now obstructing our iPhone app update from Mashable

The European Union recently imposed a $2 billion fine on Apple for banning Spotify (and other music providers) from giving users info on cheaper music subscription offers in their iOS apps.

Now, Spotify claims that Apple has deliberately held up the updated Spotify app, which provides users such info, from appearing in Apple’s App Store for nine days — and without a good explanation.

The European Commission’s decision was made public on March 4, with Apple saying it would appeal the decision, and Spotify submitting an updated version of its app to Apple the day after. In the new app, Spotify links to its website and offers pricing information for subscription options that circumvent Apple’s payment system.

But the updated app still isn’t live in Apple’s App Store in the EU, and now Spotify has once again complained to the European Commission, The Verge reported.

In an email seen by the outlet, Spotify said that Apple has “neither acknowledged nor responded to Spotify’s submission,” and claims that this is “yet another example of how Apple if unchecked, will seek to circumvent and/or not comply with the Commission’s decision.” Spotify also said it’s “concerned that Apple’s delay is intentional” and “aimed at delaying or avoiding compliance altogether.”

“It’s been nine days now and we’re still waiting to hear from Apple about our app submission to show EU consumers pricing and a link to our website, which we are now authorized to do by the European Commission’s decision on the music streaming case,” a Spotify spokesperson told The Verge.

It’s worth noting that Apple itself commented that its App Review team has so far “reviewed and approved 421 versions of the Spotify app — usually with same-day turnaround,” and that it “frequently expedites reviews at Spotify’s request.”

Mashable has contacted Apple for comment and will update this article when we hear back.

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