Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 is on sale for under £40 from Mashable

TL;DR: Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 for Windows is on sale for £35.17, saving you 90% on list price.

For those in the development game, a supportive place to streamline your workflow can always be of use. Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 for Windows is an integrated development environment packed with features and tools to help you develop websites, web apps, mobile apps, and more.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, Visual Studio offers a place for developers to write code and collaborate. This software was made to do things like use .NET and MAUI to create cross-platform apps.

It offers robust code editing features and productivity tools to help you easily write, debug, and refactor code. From IntelliSense for intelligent code completion to code navigation and refactoring capabilities, Visual Studio allows for a seamless coding experience that can enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Save time and resources by getting ahead of the game with advanced debugging and testing tools to help you identify and fix issues in your code quickly. With features like live code debugging, performance profiling, and unit testing, you can ensure the reliability of your applications before deployment.

CodeLens gives you insight into your code, which allows you to see super important info like changes and tests. This tool will enable you to make informed decisions about your code as you move forward.

You also get the ability to collaborate in real-time, so you can speed up your team’s fixes, share codes, and track progress while keeping everyone on the same page.

With extensions and add-ons available from the Visual Studio Marketplace, you can enhance your development environment with additional features, tools, and integrations that align with your objectives.

Get Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 for Windows while it’s on sale for £35.17.

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