Stephen Colbert and Jon Hamm can’t escape the dreaded shower witch from Mashable

In a gloriously silly Late Show bit as unhinged as a dodgy hotel shower curtain, Jon Hamm and Stephen Colbert anger “the magical being that guards the barrier between the showers in reality”: THE SHOWER WITCH.

During a regular segment, Colbert seems unable to stop dropping shower-related words into his awards season monologue, slowly but surely descending into bathroom madness, rushing offstage, and finding Hamm trapped among the same tiled hell.

“Listen to me or you’ll end up just like me,” Hamm warns. “Everything I love is a shower. My shower? My shower! Even the time I spend in my shower! I can’t even shower at night, Stephen. I’m tossing and turning in my tub!”

Colbert eventually finds himself in front of the dreaded Shower Witch, played by a superbly cackling Amy Sedaris. There’s a lesson in here…somewhere.

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