Home Depot’s Halloween 2024 lineup will include an upgraded 12-foot skeleton and a new skeleton dog from Mashable

Never mind the calendar: Home Depot shared a sneak peek of its Halloween 2024 lineup at its annual Store Managers Meeting Thursday, revealing that its beloved 12-foot skeleton will be returning for the fourth year in a row — and for the first time, with a slight makeover. This year’s iteration of the iconic prop (nicknamed “Skelly”) will feature newly upgraded LCD eyes with eight swappable settings while remaining at its same usual price of $299.

As per Home Depot Halloween tradition, the 12-footer will be joined by a crew of other larger-than-life Halloween props when it eventually goes on sale, including a new giant skeleton dog billed as “Skelly’s loyal pal.” Measuring five feet tall and seven feet long, the bony good boy features a posable mouth and stark blue, Messi-esque LCD eyes with eight settings.

Credit: Home Depot / Mashable composite

Other new additions to Home Depot’s lineup include a seven-foot animated Frankenstein’s monster, a nine-foot headless horseman, a seven-and-a-half-foot animated plague doctor — too soon? — and a ten-foot “Murderous Maple” tree.

Home Depot hasn’t set a date for its official Halloween 2024 launch just yet, but a representative for the home improvement retailer told Mashable that its “exclusive products” would arrive “earlier than ever this year” (which likely means late March or early- to mid-April).

“I am excited to say that our team continues to push the limits on innovation in the decorative holiday category,” said Lance Allen, Home Depot’s senior merchant of decorative holiday. “This year we increased our realism within the animatronics category, created some impressive, licensed characters and even brought back some fan favorites. Overall, we are most proud of the quality and value we are able to bring to our customers with these pieces so they can continue to grow their collections.”

The announcement is a real “I lived, bitch” moment for the 12-foot skeleton, which was the subject of discontinuation rumors last fall despite quickly selling out during all three of its online restocks. The real victim may actually be the 12-foot Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton, Skelly’s pal of the past two years, which hasn’t resurfaced just yet — though Home Depot’s rep hinted that more reveals are on the horizon. We’ve followed up to confirm its whereabouts.

The full Home Depot Halloween 2024 collection will initially be available on the company’s website before it makes its way to stores later this year.

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