Learn guitar with this smart instrument on sale for $323.99 from Mashable

TL;DR: If you’re learning to play guitar, let your instrument do some of the teaching for you. The Poputar T2 Smart Guitar has 96 LEDs to help guide your finger placement as you play songs from a massive in-app library, and as of March 13, it’s on sale for $323.99. 

If you want to learn the guitar, there’s a special instrument you might want to try. The Poputar T2 Smart Guitar isn’t a regular instrument. This smart guitar pairs with an app to give you access to a huge library of songs that you can learn to play with help from the guitar itself.

This poplar wood and copper guitar produces a clear, resonant sound, and it has some awesome smart features that could be worth a round of applause from all the aspiring musicians it could help. Plus, it’s on sale for 24% off and is only $323.99. 

Make some music 

You can play the Poputar T2 like any regular acoustic guitar, but it has a lot more to offer than a regular instrument. This smart guitar has 96 LED lights built into it to help guide your finger placement for any of the songs in the library. It won’t make you Jimi Hendrix overnight, but it could help you get the muscle memory down quicker because you can quickly adjust your grip instead of constantly checking a video or guidebook. It’s like your instrument is your teacher. 

Granted, a normal guitar doesn’t have a battery life, but this one could still give you some long play sessions with a full charge lasting up to 10 hours. Plus, you’ll get interactive video lessons that you can play like a game.

This musician’s bundle includes the Poputar T2 Smart Guitar in black, a PopuBag guitar bag that’s stylish and helps keep your guitar safe, a manual, a hex key for maintenance, and a VIP member card.

A guitar that shows you how to play

Now your guitar teacher can double as a mid-song light show. 

Get the Poputar T2 Smart Acoustic Guitar while it’s only $323.99. 

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Poputar T2 Smart Acoustic Guitar
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