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So you messed up Valentine’s Day. The roses you definitely ordered weren’t delivered, you waited too late to book a restaurant, or you just completely forgot to mark the most romantic day of the year. Fear not: White Day is here to save you.

What is White Day?

Celebrated on March 14, White Day is a day on which people who received Valentine’s Day gifts one month earlier to reciprocate the gesture. The holiday was initially founded as “Marshmallow Day” in ’70s Japan, but has since spread to other Asian countries such as South Korea, China, and Vietnam. 

Though White Day still isn’t as widely recognised in Western countries, interest in it has steadily grown alongside interest in East Asian culture. It’s also a lovely excuse to spoil your partner, and one they probably won’t be expecting.

As the name implies, White Day gifts are often white — but they don’t necessarily have to be. Flowers, chocolate, and candy are all fairly common gifts, while jewellery, accessories, and other such items also don’t go amiss. 

If you’re still with your partner, chances are you’ve already done an adequate amount of grovelling to make up for fumbling on V Day. But if you want to write yourself into their good books in ink, White Day is the perfect opportunity to spring a romantic surprise on them.

Here are a few White Day gift ideas to get you back into your lover’s arms.

A subscription snack box from Tokyo Treat or Sakura Co

Credit: Tokyo Treat and Sakura Co

White Day originated in Japan, so why not go back to its roots for some inspiration? Rather than the standard heart-shaped chocolate and candy, give your partner a box full of Japanese treats to try.

Tokyo Treat offers modern Japanese snacks such as Pocky, Calpis soda, and matcha KitKats — a good time for anyone who likes fun things in their mouth. Alternatively, Sakura Co‘s elegant boxes are suited to people who enjoy cultural experiences, filled with traditional foods such as mochi, taiyaki, and Japanese tea.

You can just order a one-off snack box for your snack box then cancel your subscription if you think the relationship isn’t going to last. But if you want to send your lover a regular set and forget reminder of your affections, you can sign up for an entire year of monthly deliveries.

Credit: Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat snack box subscription

From $37.50 per month, $32.50 on a 12-month plan.

Credit: Sakura Co

Sakura Co snack box subscription

From $37.50 per month, $32.50 on a 12-month plan.

LEGO’s Botanicals Collection

Credit: LEGO

Flowers are a tried and true classic when it comes to showering a lover with gifts. Even so, adding a bit of a twist to this romantic gesture can help keep things interesting. LEGO’s Botanical Collection has become a popular flower alternative for couples, offering a nerdy bouquet that never wilts.

There are 14 different sets to choose from in the collection, from an entire bouquet of LEGO wildflowers, to a potted orchid, to the more traditional bunch of 12 red roses

You can of course unpack and construct the flowers before you present them to your partner. But if you know that they enjoy building LEGO sets, you could also just give it to your lover in the box — or even set aside some quality time to build the blooms together.

Nanoleaf’s Elements Hexagons Smarter Kit

Credit: Nanoleaf

One of the key elements to a successful gift is that it should be an unnecessary luxury that the recipient will enjoy, but which they might not have allowed themselves to indulge in before. Nanoleaf’s Elements Hexagons fit perfectly into this category. 

Lighting can work wonders when it comes to setting a romantic scene, or even just a cosy one. These wood-look wall panels from Nanoleaf provide a stylish and mature lighting feature that’s more unique than candles, and lasts for much longer. It will also continue to provide ambiance once you’ve cleared the bed of rose petals and just want to enjoy your nightly spooning.

The $199 Elements Hexagons Smarter Kit comes with seven panels which you can affix to your wall in countless different configurations. You can also pick up a three-panel expansion pack if you need more hexagons to bring your artistic vision to life.

Therabody’s Theragun massage guns

Credit: Therabody

There’s nothing like a good massage after a long day hunched over a laptop. Unfortunately, typing away at a keyboard does little to build muscle, leaving many without the strength or endurance to provide their partner with the pounding they deserve. Enter: Therabody.

Though Therabody’s massage guns were historically targeted at athletes, they’ve since found loyal fans among average, less athletic people. The company has a wide range of devices at varying price points, from the tricked out $599 Theragun PRO Plus to the entry-level $149 Theragun Relief. This gives you options when picking the best massage gun for your partner, whether they’d enjoy the $399 Theragun Elite‘s powerful 16mm amplitude, or if they prefer the $199 Theragun Mini‘s shallower 12mm amplitude but increased portability.

Treating your partner’s aches with a massage gun is a great way to offer them some relief, while also saving your own strength for other activities.

Swarovski Flower Ornaments and Decorations

Credit: Swarovski

So you want to give your lover a flower they can keep forever, but LEGO doesn’t quite do it for them. For something a bit more upmarket, you could look at Swarovski’s Flower Ornaments and Decorations. The crystal company has 24 delicate floral ornaments to choose from, even including cacti.

If prickly desert plants don’t send the sensuous message you’re going for, you could go for something extremely on the nose with a single, yonic orchid for $189. Alternatively, Swarovski also has long-stemmed cherry blossoms, poppies, and roses for $129. Just remember to pick up a nice bud vase as well, so your lover have something to proudly display the flower in. 

Baldur’s Gate 3

Credit: Baldur’s Gate 3

A video game may seem like a strange choice for a romantic gift, and it’s definitely one you should only choose if both you and your partner are already gamers. However, when properly applied, games can facilitate excellent quality time with your loved one. It’s much more interactive than watching a film, and even lets you practise making decisions together.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has received significant attention for both its Dungeons and Dragons-based ruleset and its romance. The turn-based fantasy game offers players a variety of potential partners, including a snarky vampire, a muscular tiefling, and a man who turns into a bear. (And yes, you can ask him to do so in intimate moments.) 

Aside from the combat and story, choosing who to romance is half the fun of the game — and may open up some conversations with your partner about preferences or spicy roleplaying ideas. Baldur’s Gate 3 also has multiplayer, so you can either go through the single player campaign together, or pick up two copies and each create your own characters for an adventuring party.

Credit: Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3

$69.99 on PS5 and Xbox, $59.99 on PC.

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