The best laptops for battery life, according to our expert tests from Mashable

In this day and age, pretty much everyone needs a computer. And whether you’re using it for work, school, or entertainment, some tasks can only be accomplished with a laptop.

The thing is, shopping for laptops gets complicated, fast. It’s easy to get bogged down in granular specifications like processors, GPUs, RAM, and storage types until your eyes glaze over. You can only ask yourself so many times if you should go with an SSD or eMMC flash storage before you decide that you’d rather just live off the grid, sans technology.

For a lot of people, the nitty gritty specs don’t matter all that much — they just want a laptop that works well and offers an all-day battery life without having to charge it over and over again. And if battery life is your top concern, then you’ve come to the right place: In this guide, we’ll be recommending the best laptops for battery life, so you can spend less time charging your device and more time using it.

Which laptop brand typically has the best battery life?

In our experience, MacBooks usually have the best battery life. The most recent MacBook Pro with Apple’s M3 chip lasts for up to 17 hours, and the latest MacBook Air with the M2 chip can achieve a similar maximum usage time. They’re also just fantastic laptops in their own right, so you can’t really go wrong if you decide to get one.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go with a MacBook. Plenty of laptop hopefuls are looking for alternatives to Apple devices, or ones that specialize in gaming or 2-in-1 capabilities. The good news is that those options can also feature amazing battery life, so you’re not beholden to Apple.

Which laptops have the best battery life?

The M3 MacBook Pro is hands-down the best combination of battery life and power that we’ve tested so far, but if you’re looking for a MacBook alternative, we’ve recommended a few other great picks below, including 2-in-1 and gaming-specific options. Check out our top choices for the laptops with the best battery life, all based on in-depth testing.

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