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Looking for a budget-friendly phone plan without sacrificing on the latest tech perks? Shelby Church, a tech and lifestyle influencer renowned for sharing her clever, witty, and savvy money-saving strategies, has the solution to make living your best life effortless, without any connectivity hiccups.

Shelby partners up with TalkShopLive to give you all the deets on one of her favorite thrifty tips: choosing a phone plan that works for you — not against you. If you’re looking to save a little, make sure to check out this video. Live from the Walmart Live channel, Shelby offers her top advice on choosing a phone plan tailored for your family, highlights the benefits of one special family plan from Straight Talk Wireless, and shares tips for selecting the ideal phone for your needs.

Growing up as a twin and having two siblings, Shelby knows better than most the importance of having a great family plan and what essentials it should include. So when choosing a plan for your family, you might want to consider the Silver Unlimited Family Plan.

With access to 5G, the next generation of wireless network technology poised to redefine mobile capabilities beyond LTE, including international calls to Mexico and Canada, the Silver Unlimited offers comprehensive features tailored to meet your family’s needs for unlimited data, talk, and text.

Seeking advice from friends and family is just the beginning of Shelby’s decision-making process when choosing a new phone or plan. In fact, her featured plan is carefully chosen based on data, leveraging the network with the most first-place rankings in RootMetrics® 1G 2023.

RootMetrics is a great way to tell how reliable a plan is because it offers scientifically collected and crowdsourced mobile network performance information for shoppers.

Straight Talk Wireless’s 4-line Silver Unlimited Family Plan fulfills all the criteria Shelby seeks, and it’s available for your family as well. After all, if it’s Shelby-approved, it speaks volumes!

Tune in live on March 6 at 4:00 p.m. PST  to shop Shelby’s recommendations and learn more about her favorite products to pair with the Straight Talk Wireless Silver Unlimited Family Plan, right here.

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