Verizon +play customers can now bundle Netflix Premium and AMC+ for $25.99/month, saving over $70 per year from Mashable

SAVE $71.88: As of March 5, Verizon customers can bundle Netflix Premium and ad-free AMC+ for $25.99/month through their free +play account, saving you $5.99 per month and a total of $71.88 annually.

The growing list of streaming services that won’t let you share passwords has us all on a perpetual quest to finesse streaming service costs whenever we can. Verizon is always down to help its customers do just that through its free +play platform, its latest deal bundling Netflix Premium with ad-free AMC+ for $25.99/month.

Considering that Netflix Premium is already $22.99/month on its own, this deal essentially adds AMC+ to your lineup for just three more dollars per month. Typically, the ad-free tier of AMC+ runs you $8.99/month, so you’re saving around $6 each month — almost $72 annually — by bundling. Verizon users who already pay for Netflix (directly through Netflix) can migrate their subscription to +play to unlock the AMC+ bundle during the activation process through +play.

As annoyed as we are with Netflix for kicking off the strict password trend, this library is a cultural staple. It’s constantly expanding with new hits like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Spaceman and new seasons of originals like Bridgerton and Love is Blind, plus an overwhelming amount of solid options in genres from sci-fi and action to comedy and rom-coms.

AMC+ is home to popular shows like Mad Men, Killing Eve, and Kevin Can F*** Himself, movies like The Strangers and BlackBerry, and everything in The Walking Dead universe. With access to Shudder included in the subscription, AMC+ is arguably a crucial streaming service for horror fans. And, because AMC+ is one of the few streaming services still being chill about password sharing, just one family or friend activating this bundle could mean AMC+ access for the whole group. In that case, splitting the cost between everyone technically boosts your savings even more.

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