Get $100 off the Samsung Galaxy S23 and upgrade your smartphone from Mashable

SAVE $100: As of March 5, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is on sale at Amazon for $599.99, down from its original price of $699.99. That’s a discount of 14%.

Samsung Galaxy S23
$699.99 Save $100.00

There may be new smartphone models every year, but that doesn’t mean you have to upgrade every time one comes out. If you’re an Android phone user and you’re uninterested in the folding phone craze – or just don’t want to shell out too much cash for a phone — you might want to look into the previous generation for a great deal.

As of March 5, you can get an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone at Amazon for just $599.99, down from $699.99. That’s 14% off and a savings of $100. This model is the 128GB storage version; the 256GB option is more expensive and not included in the current sale.

The phone was just released last February, so it’s still plenty new enough for you to feel like you’re getting some shiny new tech — and more than capable of running all those apps you need on an everyday basis.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 comes equipped with some fantastic features, including its adaptive vision booster that can adjust your screen’s brightness depending on where you are. It also has an excellent camera with night mode so you can take great photos even in low light settings. It’s a wonderful smartphone that makes sense to adopt if you need a new digital companion – for much less than you can get a current model.

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