Study electrical circuits and systems with this $30 learning bundle from Mashable

TL;DR: As of March 2, save 78% on these electric circuit courses, making them less than $5 each.

While you might know that potatoes can power light bulbs, you may not realize that self-paced, online learning can be the foundation of a successful career. Take this electric circuits bundle as an example — it’s an excellent way to explore a career in electrical engineering without taking out a loan, since it’s only $29.99 (reg. $140).

These courses might also be invaluable for anyone who wants to do home renovations, make electrical repairs, or build DIY projects involving electricity. 

Study engineering with an industry expert

Meet your instructor, Admed Mahdy. He’s an electrical power engineer who’s taught more than 70,000 students around the globe. Potentially the greatest part about his package of courses is you can take them in any order and at your convenience with full lifetime access.

Study, practice, and achieve success

You might begin with the Basic Concepts and Basic Laws of Electric Circuits course to gain an understanding of current, voltage, power, energy, and Ohm’s law. Then, you might take First Order Circuits and AC Circuits for Beginners to learn how capacitors and AC circuits operate.

From there, you can dive into even more complex subjects like operational amplifiers, methods of analysis and theorems of circuits, and series and parallel resonant circuits. There’s even a course on running simulations in MATLAB to get you hands-on experience with electrical systems. Here, you can construct simple circuits, apply essential laws and electrical relationships, and solve problems, all in a safe, digital environment. 

After completing all seven courses, you could feel confident in applying to a true electrical engineering program. Plus, you’ll be starting at a higher level than most other students. Or, you could be equipped for at-home electrical repairs and renovations.

Spark your career or DIY projects with this electric circuits online learning bundle for $29.99 (reg. $140).

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Credit: Mahdy Academy

The 2024 Ultimate Electric Circuits Engineer Course Bundle
$29.99 at the Mashable Shop
$140.00 Save $110.01

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