The 8 best earbuds on Amazon start at just $9 from Mashable

Best for iPhone users

Apple AirPods Pro (Gen 2)
$189 at Amazon
(Save $60)
Most affordable
Best earbuds with a built-in remote
Most secure fit

Power Beats Pro Wireless Earbuds
$249.95 at Amazon
(Save $50)
Best earbuds for audiophiles
Best budget sports earbuds

Stiive Bluetooth Sports Earbuds
$19.99 at Amazon
(Save $1)
Best for commuters

Samsung Galaxy Pro Earbuds
$199.99 at Amazon
(Save $40)

Sure, they’re small, but that doesn’t mean earbuds are a purchase to be taken lightly.

You’ve probably been listening to music on the go for most of your life. So you know that finding a good pair of earbuds is actually pretty tricky. (I’ve gone through more in my lifetime than I can count.)

Does that mean all earbuds are crap? No. It’s simply not true that bass, noise cancellation, and crisp sound can only be found in fancy over-ear headphones. Some of us prefer our headphones to be a little more inconspicuous and portable.

Since it’s always good to get a personal recommendation, we did some research and pulled out the best earbuds on Amazon. You’ll find earbuds that require a headphone jack or the beloved dongle, wireless Bluetooth earbuds that still have a connecting cord, and the truly wireless earbuds that are as discreet as you can get. Whatever your preference and whatever your price range, you’re sure to find some that don’t suck.

Earbuds versus earphones: What’s the difference? 

The difference between earbuds and earphones is actually pretty simple. Earphones typically fit over your ear — if you’ve seen the AirPods Max, you’ve seen what a typical pair of over-ear headphones look like. Earbuds actually fit inside of your ear, like the Powerbeats Pro or AirPods Pro

You can find fantastic versions of either style; your choice will just come down to personal preference. Earphones typically aren’t as harsh on your ears, featuring soft earcups to prevent soreness, but earbuds are a lot more compact and funnel audio directly into your eardrums. Earbuds can usually get a better seal for enhanced noise-cancelation, too. 

Ready to shop? Read on below for the best earbuds on Amazon.

Best for iPhone users: Apple AirPods Pro (Gen 2)

Credit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

Apple AirPods Pro (Gen 2)
$189.00 at Amazon
$249.00 Save $60.00

Read our full review of Apple AirPods Pro (Gen 2) earbuds.

Who it’s for:

Anyone that owns an iPhone will appreciate Apple’s flagship wireless earbuds, which offer impressive value even considering the relatively high price tag. There are cheaper AirPods available in 2024, but if you care about stellar sound, these are the best earbuds on Amazon for the money.

Why we picked this:

The latest Apple AirPods Pro have some modest improvements over the original Pro model, but the addition of USB-C charging justifies the upgrade in our opinion. And in terms of performance, these earbuds are still the gold standard for Apple customers. They offer impressive battery life, improved active noise cancellation, sweat and water resistance, and all-day battery life (and then some).

Battery life: 30 hours | Active noise cancellation: Yes | Microphone: Yes

Most affordable: Panasonic RP-HJE120 In-Ear Stereo Earphones

Who it’s for:

If you’re not looking for over-the-top sound features and just need a pair to get the job done, these are for you.

Why we picked this:

You shouldn’t pick a pair of earbuds simply because of an attractive low price, but that’s not to say that quality earbuds can’t be 10 bucks. The Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Stereo Earphones have a super comfy ergo-fit bud that’s said to conform to the shape of your ear. If you’re not looking for over-the-top sound features and just need a pair to get the job done, these are for you — though some customers also mention that their noise blocking and bass clarity is pretty impressive for such a low price.

Battery life: n/a | Active noise cancellation: No | Microphone: No

Best earbuds with a built-in remote: Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

Who it’s for:

They’re a classic for a reason. The earbuds were literally built for your iPhone. Plus, unlike your average pair of $16 earbuds, they do come with an integrated microphone for phone calls.

Why we picked this:

If you want Apple Air Pods but aren’t sure you’re ready for the commitment yet, the classic Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector are a great, inexpensive substitute in the meantime. These wired, lightning connector earphones were designed by Apple for your Apple device. They work with all devices that have a lightning connector and support iOS 10 or later. This includes iPod touches, iPads, and iPhones.

The Apple EarPods don’t have the traditional circular bud design, but the style is actually built around the shape of the ear. Although it depends on the person, they’re supposed to be more comfortable than other earbud-style headphones. There were also engineered to increase sound output and decrease sound loss. In layman’s terms: the’ve got great, crisp sound while limiting outside noises.

The most impressive feature of the EarPods is the built-in remote. With the touch of a button, you can change the volume, pause, play, rewind, and skip audio and video, and answer or end calls.

But, don’t expect these buds to last a while (only a couple of months). Too many bumps to the old lightning jack and these buds will become super glitchy. If you want a pair of earbuds with great remote-controlled features that you know will work with your Apple device, these pair are for you. We recommend getting them directly from the Apple store because unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there.

Battery life: n/a | Active noise cancellation: No | Microphone: Yes

Most secure fit: Power Beats Pro Wireless Earbuds

Power Beats Pro Wireless Earbuds
$199.95 at Amazon
$249.95 Save $50.00

Who it’s for:

These earbuds combine Beats quality sound with convenience and comfort. While they work particularly well with iPhones and other Apple products, anyone can appreciate the comfortable fit and big sound.

Why we picked this:

Beats is known for its quality sound and high performance. Of course, these earbuds are no different, bringing you the same sound that you love and your playlist deserves while also offering quality comfort. 

Designed for those on the move, the Power Beats Pro totally wireless earbuds are both sweat and water resistant. And with nine straight hours of listening time these earbuds will last long after you leave the gym. Plus, with the charging case you get up to 24 hours of listening.

Battery life: 24 hours | Active noise cancellation: No | Microphone: Yes

Best earbuds for audiophiles: Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3

Credit: Sennheiser

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3
$187.99 at Amazon
$279.95 Save $91.96

Who it’s for:

For music lovers and people who appreciate strong ANC and ambient sound passthrough, these earbuds are our top pick for sound quality.

Why we picked this:

Are you or a loved one a passionate (at times annoying) audiophile? With the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 Earbuds you won’t be complaining about glitchy sounds or subpar bass anymore.

These buds are superior when it comes to customizing your audio experience. You can tailor your earbuds to your specifications by downloading the Sennheiser Smart Control app. They have so many customizable features with the built-in equalizer and pre-sets, like Bass Boost and Sound Personalization. There’s even a guided listening test to perfect your earbuds.

The Adaptive Noise Cancellation mode lets you block out noises for a more immersive music experience — without the distractions. But, in case you’re worried about being too distracted by your music, Transparency Mode keeps you grounded in the real world. You can specify the sounds you want to be alerted to in noise cancellation mode like traffic or alarms.

Many audiophile reviewers love the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 Earbuds for its incredible play time and impressive, customizable features. If you want earbuds with supreme sound that feel uniquely yours, the iconic Sennheiser’s are just what you’re lookin for.

Battery life: 28 hours | Active noise cancellation: Yes | Microphone: Yes

Best budget sports earbuds: Stiive Bluetooth Sports Earbuds

Stiive Bluetooth Sports Earbuds
$18.99 at Amazon
$19.99 Save $1.00

Who it’s for:

If you need a pair of wireless earbuds for the gym that you can afford to lose, then these affordable buds are a smart pick thanks to IPX7 waterproofing. Sweatproof and equipped with a comfortable ear hook, these little guys are great for vigorous workouts.

Why we picked this:

Hey gym addicts: The Stiive Bluetooth Sports Earbuds are a sweat-resistant, durable pair of earbuds great for all your gym needs.

With the ear-hook and earbud design, you won’t have to worry about your earphones falling out during your most strenuous workouts like running, cycling, lifting, and more. They come with four eartip sizes (XS, S, M, and L) to better fit your ear.

These workout headphones can withstand sweat or rain because of the buds’ nano-coating protective tech. Not only do they have authentic sound and bass but, these buds also has a CVC6.0 noise-canceling microphone which helps filter out background noise and capture your voice when answering calls.

For a pair of earbuds under $20 with great sound, a secure fit, and sweat-proof design, the Stiive sports earbuds are a great value for gym bros that want to listen while they workout.

Battery life: 16 hours | Active noise cancellation: No | Microphone: No

Best for commuters: Samsung Galaxy Pro Earbuds

Credit: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Pro Earbuds
$159.99 at Amazon
$199.99 Save $40.00

Who it’s for:

Samsung’s earbuds have everything commuters need for the trek to and from the office (and are great all-rounders in general).

Why we picked this:

The top-of-the-line model from Samsung’s lineup of great quality earbuds, these buds offer a ton of features in two little packages. They’re especially great for taking calls on the go, thanks to call settings including voice detection and background noise reduction that kicks in when you start talking. If you’re just listening to music, a more thorough noise cancellation feature also kicks in to help you tune out when you’re listening to your favorite playlist.

One of our favorite features is Ambient Sound mode, which is a four-level system that lets in different levels of ambient noise from your immediate surroundings, which is great for keeping a bit safer while listening to music and walking or running city streets. 

Plus, if you’re a Samsung Galaxy owner, you can pair the two together for cross-device coordination.

Battery life: 24 hours | Active noise cancellation: Yes | Microphone: Yes

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