Windows 11 Copilot, ChatGPT’s rival, is smarter now: 16 new commands from Mashable

Windows 11 Copilot, a ChatGPT rival, can respond to a new batch of commands for changing your PC settings, and accessing apps and tools, in seconds.

Curious about the new prompts you can use with Copilot? Here are 16 new commands you can use with the Windows 11 AI assistant.

Windows 11 Copilot: 16 new commands

Windows 11 Copilot has a new set of skills. Check out the following new prompts you can use to change your PC settings, launch accessibility tools, and access device information.

Settings and device information prompts

Show device information

Show system information

Show battery information

Open storage page

Turn on/off battery saver

Show available WiFi network

Display IP address

Show available storage space

Empty Recycle Bin

Accessibility prompts

Launch live captions

Launch Narrator

Launch Screen Narrator

Open Voice Access page

Open Text Size page

Open Contrast Themes page

Launch Voice Input

Microsoft says that these new-and-improved Copilot skills will start rolling in “late March,” allowing users to input these prompts for a more convenient, seamless Windows 11 experience.

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