Eerie ‘The Watchers’ teaser shows a woman held captive by unseen creatures from Mashable

A hidden section of forest, a bunker with a two-way mirror, and some unseen nocturnal creatures are the building blocks for The Watchers, a new horror and the first feature from writer/director Ishana Shyamalan.

In the teaser above we see Mina (Dakota Fanning) coming to terms with her strange new reality: Imprisoned in a bunker in a remote section of the forest alongside some strangers, she’s essentially living in a human zoo. Every night, mysterious creatures emerge from the trees and watch her and her fellow captives through the bunker’s two-way mirror.

This creepy-sounding movie is based on A. M. Shine’s novel of the same name. Georgina Campbell, Oliver Finnegan, and Olwen Fouere also star.

The Watchers is in theaters from June 7.

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