Don’t buy a new MacBook Air, iPad – updates are reportedly around the corner from Mashable

Looking to buy a new MacBook Air or iPad Pro? It’s best to wait just a few more weeks if you can.

According to a new MacRumors report, recently updated internal Apple support documents hint that unannounced products will soon be released. The documents are meant help employees with answering customer service inquiries about these soon-to-be-announced products. (Apple typically updates its internal documents when a new release is on the horizon.)

This report lines up with Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman’s reporting last month. According to Gurman, Apple was likely eyeing a March release for its new line of MacBook Air, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

Some of Apple’s most popular products are long overdue for a refresh

So, what exactly is on the way from Apple? The documents don’t specify exactly. But when looking at the Apple product release timeline and speculation about new upgrades, consumers can look forward to a new MacBook Air and iPads in the coming weeks.

There’s also potentially an update a little further down the line for Apple’s desktops, the Mac mini and Mac Studio.

It’s been a very long time since Apple released new iPads.

Expect new iPads soon

The standard iPad and Pro models were last upgraded in October 2022, making the current versions more than one year old. It’s been even longer since other iPad models were upgraded as well. The iPad Air was last upgraded in March 2022, making a refresh nearly two years overdue. However, that pales in comparison to the current iPad mini model, which launched in September 2021. 

Credit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

While it’s clear the entire iPad line is in need of an upgrade, the current reports suggest Apple is only preparing a new iPad Air and iPad Pro at this time. It’s likely that iPad Air will finally get the M2 chip and the iPad Pro will get the M3 chip.

MacBooks are on the horizon, too

Speaking of the M3 chip, Apple released the new MacBook Pro last October. These laptops were the first with Apple’s latest M3 chipset. Apple also rolled out an updated line of the iMac desktop model with the M3 chip.

Since then, half of Apple’s computer lines have been selling with the M2 chipset. While the M2 is certainly still a powerful option for buyers upgrading from an old Intel Mac, the M3 reviews have shown the latest chip to be another significant step-up.

Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

For consumers looking to save some money, the release of new M3-powered models will also result in a price reduction for the M2 models as well.

The last MacBook Air refresh was released in June 2022 with the M2 upgrade. That’s over a year without a new MacBook Air. An upgrade is overdue and the M3 chip is ready to go. All signs point to Apple announcing the MacBook Air M3 very soon.

As for Apple’s Mac mini and Mac Studio, those desktops are also due for an M3 update as well. The Mac mini M2 launched in January 2023, so it’s been just over a year since Apple refreshed its most affordable computer. It’s possible we’ll see a new Mac mini announcement from Apple in the coming weeks.

As for the Mac Studio, the M2 version was released during WWDC in June 2023. So, while that M3 upgrade may underway soon, consumers will likely have to wait a few months before any news on that front. Apple could announce the Mac Studio M3 at this year’s WWDC.

So, unless you’re a consumer that requires a new MacBook Air or iPad immediately, it’s best to wait. By doing so, you can take advantage of the great deals on the current generation of products or splurge on Apple’s new and most advanced MacBook Air or iPad yet.

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