Jon Stewart shares his thoughts on the war in Gaza during ‘Daily Show’ monologue from Mashable

Since returning to The Daily Show two weeks ago, Jon Stewart has spoken about the presidential race and Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin — but now he’s turned his attention to the ongoing war in Gaza.

In the 13-minute video above from Monday night’s show, the host analyses the current situation, criticising statements from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas as well as the stance taken by U.S. government officials on the war in Gaza compared to their stance on the war in Ukraine.

Finally, Stewart ends by attempting to offer a possible solution.

“Starting now, no pre-conditions, no earned trust, no partners for peace — Israel stops bombing,” he says. “Hamas releases the hostages. The Arab countries who claim Palestine is their top priority come in and form a demilitarised zone between Israel and a free Palestinian state. The Saudis, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Jordan — they all form a NATO arrangement guaranteeing security for both sides.”

For more from The Daily Show, Mashable’s got you covered.

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