‘Irish Wish’ trailer: Lindsay Lohan magically becomes a bride in romantic comedy from Mashable

Netflix has released a trailer for upcoming romantic comedy Irish Wish, featuring both Lindsay Lohan and The Corrs’ iconic 2000 tune “Breathless.”

Lohan plays Maddie, a woman who has traveled to Ireland to attend a wedding between her best friend Emma (Elizabeth Tan) and her crush Paul (Alexander Vlahos). Though remorseful that she didn’t confess her feelings earlier, Maddie seems resigned to stand aside — until a private wish comes true, and she discovers herself the new bride to be. While initially thrilled, she soon begins to question if this is right, particularly upon spending more time with photographer James (Ed Speleers)

It sounds a bit like My Best Friend’s Wedding, only less deliberate sabotage, more unintentional magic, and a good likelihood of a romantic ending.

Irish Wish arrives Mar. 15 on Netflix.

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