Hurry to save $5 on an Etsy order over $50 with the site’s new Gift Mode feature from Mashable

SAVE $5: Shop Etsy’s new Gift Mode feature and save $5 on select purchases of $50 or more with code GIFTMODE.

Etsy Gift Mode
Save $5 with code GIFTMODE

Some of us are naturals when it comes to finding the perfect gift. We take extensive notes all year long that detail gifts we think a person will love, so when gifting times roll around, we’re ready. If you don’t fall into that category, Etsy has made finding the perfect gift easier and more personalized. Thanks to today’s deal, that perfect gift could be $5 off.

From now until Feb. 14 at 11:59pm ET, shop Etsy and use code GIFTMODE to save $5 on a purchase of $50 or more at eligible shops. This deal means you could score a discount of up to 10%.

The new Etsy Gift Mode is designed to help you give thoughtful gifts by offering recommendations based on the lucky gift recipient. Select who you’re shopping for (co-worker, neighbor, friend), the occasion, at least three things they’re into, and voila — Etsy will provide personalized gift recommendations.

Not only does Etsy Gift Mode take the guessing game out of what to buy, but you can also shop at the last minute. Etsy now offers to send your gift recipient a gift-teaser email. Inside, it details who the gift is from, a personalized note from you, expected arrival date, and tracking info. This means you’re in luck if you’re still searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. While it won’t arrive at their doorstep on Feb. 14, they’ll know a thoughtful gift is on its way.

If you find shopping for the perfect gift to be endlessly stressful, check out Etsy Gift Mode. While you’re at it, use code GIFTMODE to save $5 on purchases of $50 or more at eligible stores.

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