When will OpenAI’s GPT-4o be available to try? from Mashable

Today, OpenAI announced GPT-4o, an AI assistant that can process text, audio, and vision simultaneously. GPT4o will be free for all ChatGPT users, but the company hasn’t been clear when folks will be able to try it out.

All CEO Sam Altman has said is that this “new voice mode will be live in the coming weeks for plus users.”

What we do know is that GPT-4o will first be available to ChatGPT Plus and Team users, with availability for Enterprise users arriving after that. ChatGPT Free users will also have access to the tool, though they’ll be beholden to unspecified usage limits. According to OpenAI, “Plus users will have a message limit that is up to 5x greater than free users, and Team and Enterprise users will have even higher limits.”

Their access to GPT-4o may be limited, but OpenAI promises that ChatGPT Free users will be able to access new features in the coming weeks, including GPT-4 level intelligence that can analyze data, create charts, and chat about photos you take, as well as the option to upload files so that GPT-4o can summarize, write, or analyze a document.