Here’s how Apple intends to keep its new iPad Pro from bending from Mashable

Did your iPad Pro get a little bent in 2018? Apple claims that won’t happen with its new model.

The 2018 version of the iPad Pro notoriously became a little bendy for some users due to a manufacturing error, but Apple has fixed this in the model that was unveiled last week. In an interview with tech YouTuber Arun Maini, Apple executive John Ternus explained that a new metal cowling Apple installed in the device will keep the new iPad Pro from bending like the old one did.

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Of course, without extensive hands-on time with the new iPad Pro, it’s impossible to tell just how sturdier it is than the 2018 model. Apple claims the 13-inch version of the new Pro is the thinnest product it has ever made, so durability will naturally be a concern until proven otherwise.

But at least the company did something to alleviate the issue.