The best sexting apps for steamy chats and discreet digital encounters from Mashable

Sexting (dirty talk, swapping nudes, sending explicit audio messages…the list goes on) is one way to take your dating life to new heights.

Whether you’re single and ravenous for some sexy screen time with a stranger, in a long-distance relationship that’s keeping the passion alive through digital intimacy, or interested in amping up your solo sex toy sessions with steamy instructions from an AI companion, mastering the act (art?) of sexting leads to a more fulfilling physical and emotional experience.

And, no, we’re not talking about flirting with your crush on Facebook Messenger or sliding into someone’s DMs on Instagram. We’re talking about good old-fashioned dirty talk with a modern twist (think: video chat, sexy snaps, and erotic audio messages, with self-destructing features for added privacy). We made a lot of accounts to test the best sexting apps, and we’ve gathered our favorites below. You’ll recognize some of them from our guide to the best dating apps, and for more adult fun, check out our review of the best hookup apps, too

Once viewed as taboo, sexting is a mainstream way to communicate your desires

According to a 2023 survey of U.S. adults by the market research platform Statista, 77 percent of participants said they’ve sent at least one sext — that’s up from 45 percent in 2019 and just 14 percent about 10 years ago.

And we’re pretty sure those numbers will rise as tech advances and societal norms evolve to become more accepting and inclusive of sexual expression.

Sexting isn’t just a saucy way to get off; it’s a great tool for building trust and intimacy and sharing or exploring your wants and fantasies in a consensual and safe manner. It can also help you and your partner feel more connected and maintain a strong sexual bond (so the next time you get together IRL, it may be even hotter). This is especially true in long-distance relationships or during periods of physical separation.

How to start sexting

For some, just the thought of sending an explicit message or racy photo can be intimidating. (And that’s OK!) There are so many apps and resources out there to help even the most novice sexters feel empowered and confident.

Not sure where to start? Based on our research and hands-on testing, we’ve narrowed down the best sexting apps of 2024 to the following top contenders: