Martin Scorsese and daughter Francesca team up for Super Bowl ad teaser from Mashable

What do you get when you put the minds behind Killers of the Flower Moon and some of 2023’s best TikToks together? A charming father-daughter collaboration… that also happens to be an ad for Squarespace.

Martin Scorsese teams up with his daughter Francesca Scorsese for this four minute-long clip, which is only a teaser for Squarespace’s upcoming Super Bowl ad. In the video, Martin is working on a short film and struggling to understand the main character: a website. Luckily, Francesca has a solution at the ready. To get inside the mind of a website, one should just build a website.

Technical difficulties ensue, as Francesca tries to walk her father through creating a website. What will his domain name be? What fonts will he use? And does he even know what a URL is? You’ll find all this and more — Rants about aliens! Martin using modern-day slang! Francesca regretting her life choices! — in the teaser. Then tune into the Super Bowl to see the Scorseses’ final product.

In the words of Martin Scorsese, we’re sure it will “slap.”

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