Ditch the winter blues with a Verilux HappyLight Luxe for under $70 at Amazon from Mashable

SAVE 30%: The Verilux HappyLight Luxe is just $69.99 at Amazon, down from the normal price of $99.95. That’s a savings of $29.96.

Credit: Verilux

Verilux HappyLight Luxe
$69.99 at Amazon (save $29.96)

Welcome to February — the month when we all become convinced that winter will never end. If the cold feels like it’s seeped into your bones and you dream of only warm summer nights in the backyard, today’s deal at Amazon will leave you feeling refreshed.

As of Feb. 1, the Verilux HappyLight Luxe is just $69.99 at Amazon, down from the normal price of $99.95. That’s a 30% discount or a savings of $29.96.

We’re past the darkest days of winter, but that doesn’t mean seasonal affective disorder (SAD) has left. The American Heart Association estimates that up to 10% of people living in North America could be experiencing SAD, a type of depression that’s associated with the seasons, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. The overall thought is that short days can trigger a chemical imbalance in the brain which leads to symptoms of depression that show up seasonally.

Fortunately, one of the easiest and most readily available proven treatments to help with SAD is light therapy. With 10,000 lux of UV-free full-spectrum light, the HappyLight’s aim is to make you, well, happy. Verilux mentions soaking up these light rays is essential to our wellbeing with impacts on our sleep schedule, overall mood, ability to focus, and our energy levels.

Inside of the Verilux HappyLight Lux lies 168 LED bulbs, ready to boost your mood with safe UV-free light. The American Heart Association recommends exposure to light therapy is most effective in the morning for 30 to 45 minutes. The Verilux HappyLight Luxe aims to make this light therapy task simple by coming with an included but detachable stand, so you could easily set it on your bedside table or on the desk at your home office. It’s thin design means it weights about two pounds, so it’s travel-friendly. The back of the Verilux HappyLight Luxe also has a wall mount, so you can easily hang it next to the kitchen table to use while sipping some morning coffee.

The HappyLight Luxe has four brightness levels and three HappyHue color temperature options, so you can customize your rays. There’s also a programmable timer that you can set in five minute increments, up to one hour.

Soon spring blossoms will arrive, but until then, investing in health and wellness with the Verilux HappyLight Luxe could make a world of difference.

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