James Corden tells a hilariously tragic story about his life post-late night from Mashable

It’s been nine months since the final episode of The Late Late Show aired, and James Corden is now back in London — but what’s his life been like since trading in the world of late night TV for more family time?

In the Tonight Show clip above Corden talks about the “darkest moment” he’s experienced since leaving the show, which happened to be at a water park (“Disney World but everyone’s in their underwear,” is how Corden describes it, “and everyone’s peeing”).

“If you’re asking me, was there a moment where I missed the show, it was standing in this tight thing, covered in water, everyone’s peeing, I’m holding a half-eaten hot dog of my daughter’s, and a man walks past and goes, ‘Aren’t you the guy that used to sing in the car with people?’,” Corden says, before staring off into the middle distance. “Sorry, it’s actually made me go to quite a dark place thinking about it.”

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